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British Psychological Society: Clinical Psychology Division, MBPsS 273823. Israeli Psychologists Register: License Number 27-117794.


  • University College London, Doctorate, Trainee in clinical psychology, London, U.K., 2017 -2020

Doctorate, Academic and practical experience in cutting edge therapeutic methods such as CBT, psychodynamic and systemic therapy. Advanced courses in statistics and research methods. 

  • University College London/The Anna Freud Centre, MS.C. London, U.K., 2010-2011 

MS.C, a multidisciplinary programme that included extensive and intensive study of different psychoanalytical disciplines. 

  • Tel-Aviv Academic College, Tel Aviv Jaffa, Israel, 2006-2009 

B.A., Department of Behavioural Sciences (Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology and Statistics). Received outstanding Performance Award. 

  • Working Minds. Founding member, Programme developer, Instructor, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2016 – 2017 

Working Minds aimed to implement and teach mindfulness-based strategies and techniques in the private sector. Developed programmes that focused on combining theoretical and practical knowledge (MBSR, ACT) and facilitated workshops in small scale commercial organizations. 


  • T.L.M. (station for family therapy). Psychologist, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2015 - 2017

Worked as a psychologist in a clinic specialised in treating children (5-18 years old). I use different CBT and psychodynamic methods working with children with a range of emotional distresses; conduct parent training.

  • IAPT Islington: Clinical Psychology Trainee, London, U.K., 2014-2015

Employed as a clinical psychologist through IAPT Islington (Improved Access to Psychological Therapies). Treated various psychopathologies using a variety of therapies including CBT and ACT, in both group and individual settings. 


  • Big Brother, Israel: ‘Big Brother’, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2007-2009

Acted as a ‘big brother’ to a young child, recently bereaved; supported development of coping strategies for adapting to life, 

school and foster family.


Dr. Yossi Koffler

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